Concierge Yoga–the Yoga Studio Alternative


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For women and men looking for gentle, restorative yoga in the privacy of their homes. Our focus is on tapping into the relaxing power of yoga without performance pressure. Individual or group yoga instruction allows you to get a tailored yoga experience based on your ability and condition. No pressure, no hassle.

Concierge Yoga Services

In-Home Private Classes

Get the one-on-one attention you need with private yoga sessions. We come to your home and tailor a session to your individual needs. This is especially popular with clients who have been injured, undergoing treatment or just don’t like the Yoga studio experience.

In-Home Group Classes

If you have a few family members, neighbors or friends interested in trying concierge yoga, then the group sessions are the way to go. The most affordable and fun yoga experience we offer.

Other Services

Namaste Wellness offers a range of sessions that fit your lifestyle. Concierge Yoga can also be taught at your workplace, club or recreation center in your community. Ask us about our Gift Program and Friend Referral Program.

The Non-Medication Alternative for Pain

Hom Page Pain Module - Lower

Lower Back Pain

Hom Page Pain Module - Upper

Upper Back & Neck Pain

Hom Page Pain Module - Flexibility & Balance

Flexibility & Balance

Yoga has been proven to be a viable alternative to taking medication for lower back pain, shoulder, joint pain, flexibility, balance issues, fatigue, stress, side effects of menopause and more. Namaste Wellness doesn’t replace the care of your physician, we work with them to help you manage your wellness.


“The difference between yoga with Lisa versus a yoga studio is night and day. Instead of being part of a standard class, she works with me individually, focusing on the things I need to feel better and see results. I discovered that having a yoga session in your home is so much more relaxing and comfortable than being in a group of students. I highly recommend Namaste Wellness to anybody.”


“I have to travel all the time for my work, and never know what my schedule from one week to the next. I love the flexibility of being able to schedule a Yoga session that works with my lifestyle.”


“I worry about my mom getting enough exercise and staying healthy. Now I have Lisa go to her home three times a week to make sure she’s getting a gentle and effective workout.”


“The other day I went to a group Yoga session at my neighbor’s house being led by Namaste Wellness. We had fun, got a great workout and enjoyed ourselves the whole time.”

The Affordable Wellness Alternative



One-hour consultation that includes a 20-minute intro Yoga session in your home.



The Pay-As-You-Go Plan
Individual Yoga Session in Your Home – $69 Per Session.


The Monthly Plan
8 Individual Sessions, Twice a Week in Your Home – $49.87 Per Session, a Savings of over 27%!


The Group Plan
Group Yoga Session for 2-10 People, $35 Per Person Per Session. Savings of Over 49%!

Contact Namaste Wellness

Open daily, by appointment only. Contact Namaste Wellness to get a FREE one-hour consultation that includes a 20-minute intro Yoga session in your home.


Namaste Wellness Service Areas

Namaste Wellness serves South Orange County, California in the areas listed below.

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