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Concierge Yoga Sessions

Get the one-on-one attention you need with concierge Yoga Sessions. We come to your home or office and tailor a session to your individual needs. This is especially popular with clients who have been injured, undergoing treatment or just don’t like the Yoga studio experience.

We gently guide you through the various poses designed to address your specific strengths and areas of improvement. Yoga sessions are one hour in length and include a warm-up and cool down session, plus breaks as needed.

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In-Home Concierge Yoga Sessions

Now Yoga can fit into your busy lifestyle. This allows you to enjoy a peaceful and restorative Yoga session on your terms. We arrive promptly with everything you need to have a restorative Yoga session including mats, blocks, soothing music and easy to follow guided Sessions. All you have to do is slip into comfortable workout clothes, grab a water bottle and enjoy Yoga like never before. Your concierge Yoga is geared toward your ability and personal needs.

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In-Home Concierge Group Yoga Sessions

Invite your friends or family to enjoy a restorative Yoga session together. We keep groups small to maintain the personal attention you would never find in a Yoga studio. Group sessions are fun and uplifting for everyone. The best part is that group sessions are more affordable.

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Relieve Lower Back Pain

For back pain sufferers, it is an effective and non-pharmaceutical pain management therapy. Concierge Yoga can reduce and eliminate chronic muscle contractions that cause back pain and strengthen the muscles that provide support for the back. For some, regular Yoga practice completely eliminates the back pain caused by muscle inflammation.

Back pain has a variety of causes, be sure to consult your physician before trying Yoga. With the permission of your doctor, Concierge Yoga is a great way to help reduce and eliminate back pain. Namaste Wellness will administer gentle stretching and strengthening Yoga poses to soothe persistent lower back pain.


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Improve Flexibility & Balance

Yoga is a great way to build and maintain flexibility and balance. The stretching you do in yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility. It’s a commonly held misconception that you have to already be flexible to do yoga. In fact, the opposite is true; doing yoga regularly is a sure way to become more flexible. Solid physical balance is more than just being able to stand on one foot: maintaining physical balance prevents future injuries, improves your focus and relieves stress. Namaste Wellness will administer various gentle Yoga poses to improve flexibility and balance.


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Help Soothe Upper Back & Neck Pain

Multiple studies have shown that the power of Yoga which emphasizes stretching to relieve back and neck soreness. Namaste Wellness will administer gentle stretching and strengthening Yoga poses to soothe persistent upper back and neck pain. It’s always a good idea to ask your doctor before starting a new fitness regimen, especially if you are experiencing chronic pain.


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Manage Menopause

Fight weight gain, mood swings and sleep struggles with gentle restorative Yoga. Menopause brings with it fluctuating hormones that mess with your sleep, pack on pounds of belly fat and make you irritable and less interested in sex. But yoga can help. Yoga practice cut hot flashes by 31% in one study and other research has found that regularly doing yoga improved libido, mood, and craving control.

Namaste Wellness will administer gentle strengthening Yoga poses along with focused breathing to help relieve the symptoms of menopause.


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Relieving Pain from Osteoarthritis

If you’re looking for an exercise to ease osteoarthritis pain and regain flexibility, yoga could be just what the doctor ordered. This popular mind-body exercise is one of the best physical activities for people with arthritis because it not only is gentle but also can reduce stress, which can cause joint pain to flare.

Osteoarthritis patients performing yoga consisting of deep stretching and strengthening poses with deep focused breathing can find relief from joint pain, morning stiffness, and anxiety. Namaste Wellness will administer gentle restorative Yoga poses along with focused breathing to help relieve the effects of osteoarthritis.


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