How to Make Mom Really Happy This Mother’s Day.

4 Tips on how to give her an affordable gift that she will absolutely love.

Everybody who is thinking about their mom or mother of their kid’s faces the same dilemma – what to get for Mother’s Day. Most of the time, mothers already have enough stuff and Mother’s Day gifts become just gestures. Giving the right Mother’s Day gift can be difficult and require a deep understating of her and what she really wants.

Mother’s Day Gift Tip #1: Don’t Disappoint Her.

You really want to avoid the risk of having mom feel unloved or unappreciated on Mother’s Day. According to an article published on entitled “Mother’s Day Truths: What Mom Really Does & Does NOT Want for Mother’s Day”

Mother’s Day gifts that mom really doesn’t want:

  • Power tools
  • Underwear
  • Pajamas
  • Frying pans
  • Chocolate
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Anything I have to clean up after
  • Anything that causes bickering
  • Anything that costs a lot.

Moms need to feel special, pampered and appreciated on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gift Tip #2: Be Original

Mother’s Day Gifts fall into 10 different categories and end up becoming the same gift year after year. According to an article on the Most 10 website, here are the “10 Most Popular Mother’s Day Gifts”

  • Massage and Spa Treatment
    Good gift, but only produces temporary results.
  • Perfume
    For those who don’t like the way your mother smells.
  • Plant
    Just another thing for her to take care of.
  • Sweet Treats
    Snickers bars, really?
  • Home Décor
    Just what she wants, another curtain set.
  • Home Spa Treatment
    Bath beads, and soaps. How cheap is that?
  • Gift Basket
    Perfect if you aren’t sure what to give her and want to avoid risk.
  • Gift Cards
    When you don’t have any idea about what she likes.
  • Candles
    Great, she can use them in case of power failure.
  • Flowers
    Obvious, slowly dying gift.

I didn’t mention that many times mothers don’t get a gift at all, just a greeting card.  If you want to make mom happy, get original.

Mother’s Day Gift Tip #3: Give a Lasting, Memorable Gift

Mothers don’t want just a forgettable token present, they want a Mother’s Day memory.  After all we are talking about Mother’s Day being a whole day.  Intangible acts of kindness need to be in the mix.  As cited from the article, “Giving Mom What She Wants” there are lots of gifts that don’t cost a thing.

  • A warm hug.
  • A back rub from my honey.
  • Being with my kids and grandkids.
  • A long walk with the family down on the waterfront.
  • A few hours off.
  • Maybe we could all dress up and pose for a nice family photo.
  • Get some help in the garden

Whatever you give as a gift, make sure that Mother’s Day is a full day experience where she feels appreciated and loved.

Mother’s Day Gift Tip #4: Give Her Concierge Yoga in Her Home

When you look at what mothers don’t want for Mother’s Day, their desire for a great, memorable experience, we have come up with a version of the most popular gift on the list, Massage and Spa Treatment. We’re proposing one-on-one Concierge Yoga in the privacy of her own home. This is an original gift that is going to thrill mom, make her feel healthy, loved and have her talking about it for years to come.

I started Namaste Wellness after working as a Yoga instructor for a local Yoga Studio. I saw all different kinds of students and immediately gravitated to the students looking for a gentle, restorative session instead of a boot camp environment. I decided to focus on those who weren’t trying to compete with each other but just looking to stretch and feel better. As a woman ages, it’s harder to get the physical exercise she needs and do it in a way that works with her body. Some have injuries, arthritis, lower back pain, balance/stability challenges and menopause issues. All of these can be helped with gentle Yoga.

The next thing I noticed about these students is that they tended to stay in the back of the room, not very comfortable doing Yoga poses in the front of the class. The answer was to get them out of the studio all together and let them get a Yoga workout in a relaxed setting—the privacy of their own home. The answer was to make Yoga fun and enjoyable. Thus, concierge Yoga was born!

Some of my clients enjoy having their friends, neighbors or family members join them in a session. That caused me to create group lessons and a friend referral program.

If you live or your mom lives Orange County in Southern California, I think concierge yoga from Namaste Wellness would be an amazing Mother’s Day gift and is affordable. We are offering three one-hour sessions for just $99.

Of course you could always punt and get her a gift card and flowers for Mother’s Day. But why not give her the gift of wellness?

About the Author

Lisa DeBlasi

Lisa is the President & Founder of Namaste Wellness offering restorative and gentle concierge Yoga for her private clients. After 25 years in corporate America, sitting in front of a computer all day exacerbated the arthritis in her neck and lower back. She suffered from a limited range of motion and constant pain. Lisa required occasional physical therapy sessions, massages and medication to manage these ailments. She then turned to Yoga and the path of her life changed forever. After receiving her RYT200 certification, she formed Namaste Wellness to help clients find alternatives in managing their health and wellness.

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